Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kahala Challenge

The Kahala Challenge was held this past Saturday at Kailua Beach Park. Standup Paddlers, Paddleboarders and OC1 Paddlers were all challenged to an 800 meter swim, followed by a 5K run, and had to finish up with a 2 mile paddle for the SUPers and the Paddleboarders and a 4 mile paddle for the OC1 guys.

Wet Feet was represented both by team riders and ambassadors as well as SUPAH members. In true Jeff Chang style, he quietly finished 1st in his age group, and 5th overall SUP. Wet Feet Ambassador Anders Jonsson finished 2nd in his age group in the paddleboard, and SUPAH clinic member Barbara Bumatay finished 2nd in her SUP age group.

Here are some photos of the Wet Feet Team and friends....


Jeff Chang at the Start

Anders Jonsson's swim leg

Jeff, Barbara, and Anders running to the transition area in between the swim and the run.

Barbara starting the Running Leg...

Jeff and Anders finishing up the run...

Paddleboard Start...

SUPAH clinic participant Leah starting the SUP leg of her relay team...

Jeff showing them how it's done and Anders finishing up...

Yay Team Wet Feet!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Paddle Decor!

For the SUP person who has everything Wet Feet has paddle decoration in stock for your blade and shaft.

Kainoa Surfing 6-5 SUP!

For normal mortals Wet Feet has 8-0 models in stock of the Robin Johnston/Kainoa model constructed with 1.5 pound EPS and Epoxy layup. Lightweight and ready for ripping!

Rainbow Sandals Molokai to Oahu Presented by Honolua Surf Company

This year the Molokai to Oahu race is being put on by new sponsors. Thanks to them for picking up the race. Previous sponsor Quicksilver should also be mentioned for backing the race for all the prior years. This year there is prize money for the top placing individual SUPs and Paddleboarders. Entry forms and complete rules can be found here: http://www.hawaiipaddleboardassociation.com/

Before you enter this race consider what a serious endeavor it is. This is one of the roughest channels in the world. Check the video below of a 90' sailboat getting tossed around. When the boat is in the troughs the swells are taller than the back of the boat which sits 10' above the water. Try to imagine yourself out there on a 14' or 16' board. What makes things worse is the swell is coming at you from your right making balancing on your raceboard a challenge. It is anything but a casual downwind run. Since the following sea is quartering you from the right long rides are infrequent and every swell must be ridden to the right until you get close to Oahu. But if this kind of thing excites you then this is the race for you and the ultimate challenge in SUP racing!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Versa Traction

A new deck traction product is available those seeking lighter weight without padding. It is non-abrasive so you can lie down on it with no problem. It is unique in that it gets grippier when wet. Kainoa Beaupre now uses it exclusively on all his mini-SUPs for lightness. His goal is to do aerials! Doug Lock likes it because he can feel the ripples and vibrations from the water again like surfing a regular board. At Wet Feet we have been applying a lot of the product on the nose area above the pad. Installation is a little tricky, it needs to be applied like a large sticker with alcohol and water and squeegeed. More information can be found here: http://www.versasurf.com/

Joe Blair Boards at Wet Feet - Wide Models!

Joe Blair was in Hawaii from California and dropped of his brand new production models which Wet Feet will be carrying. They are nice and wide suitable for big boys or paddlers early in the learning curve who don't want a huge long board. The dimensions are 10’-1” x 32 ½” x 5” and 8’-11” x 29 ¾” x 4 ½”. The feature a 2 + 1 fin setup with the side fins further up than on any other board we've seen. Joe says this loosens up the big boards a lot and makes them surf better - and we agree! The boards have a beautiful durable finish, inset carry handle and full length deck pad for noseriding.

Bark Takes Kanaka Ikaika Oahu and State Championships

An 18' Bark won the Kanaki Ikaika Race series final races. This is an established one-man canoe race series over the winter months which has a SUP category. The Oahu Championships was 10 miles from Hawaii Kai to Ala Moana and the winning SUP time was 1:42;48. The State Championships was 10 miles from Hawaii Kai to Kaimana and the winning SUP time was 1:19;24. More information can be found here: http://www.kanakaikaika.com/2009racedates.htm

Next up is the summer paddleboard races which all have SUP categories. More information can be found here: http://hawaiipaddleboardassociation.com/