Friday, December 11, 2009

New Blog Site

Hi Everyone,

We have switched the Wet Feet Blog over to a new location...In the future, we will be posting to  Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you over there!!


The Wet Feet Crew

Saturday, December 5, 2009

KOOK or KOOL by Blane Chambers

This is an exerpt regarding Standup Paddle Surfing from the Paddle Surf Hawaii website.  You can learn more about Blane Chambers and the rest of the Paddle Surf Hawaii crew at

How are you representing Stand Up Paddle Surfing?
Are you Dangerous to others? Are you a WAVE HOG?

When Beach Boy surfing, there are Kool things and things that make you a huge KOOK!
This section is dedicated to Kook & Kool!

1. You paddle out floundering to a lineup with surfers. You can barely stay standing but proceed right into or outside of the lineup. You paddle for waves while people scramble out of your way only to fall off before you can even get on the wave.... Your big board becomes an extremely dangerous projectile... Kook alert!! KOOK!! KOOK!! KOOK!! KOOK!!

2. You can barely stay standing so you practice in an area where no one is around that you could endanger or bum out. You care about the world wide effects of SUP surfing so you paddle and surf with Aloha. Very KOOL!!

3. You start to get the hang of it and want to surf better waves so you decide to surf a more popular spot. You paddle out and stand outside everyone. The sets come and you paddle in like a locomotive right thru the pack. You get waves in every set... KOOK!!

4. You start to get the hang of it and want to surf better waves so you decide to surf a more popular spot. You paddle out and check out the situation. You see waves off to the side that a lot less people go for. You catch a few of those... Since you don't want to wear out your welcome, you decide to catch only a few set waves at most. You surf with Aloha.... KOOL!
5. You paddle out on an in-consistent day to a crowded spot. You stand outside everyone the whole duration of the lulls. You never sit down so you tower over others the whole time... You make sure you catch a wave from every set. KOOK!

6. You paddle out on an in-consistent day to a crowded spot. You feel like you're on stage so you stand off to the side or sit down between sets because you don't like blocking everyone's view of the beautiful ocean. You catch a couple waves then move to the inside or on to another spot or just paddle around because you figured out how to surf with Aloha... KOOL!!

7. You're pretty good and can get in and around the surf well... You surf crowded spots and catch all the waves you can. Small ones, set waves etc. Because you can surf good you get plenty waves. You're always calling people off your waves. You just can't help yourself to sit sets out so you basically take over the spot for the duration of your surf. HUGE SELFISH KOOK!!!!!!!!

8. You're pretty good and can get in and around the surf well... You go to a crowded spot and check out what's going on. You see some of the lesser quality waves going un-ridden and surf those. You catch a ton of waves but ones that no one really wants. You paddle out and get a few set waves but you make sure others get waves by quietly cluing them in to incoming sets. You become a quiet spotter of sorts for others to score good waves.... You always sit out a few sets. You use your high vantage point to stoke others out. KOOL!! (When you arrive and it's already crowded NOT GOING OUT THERE is the KOOLEST!)

9. You see how cool SUP surfing is because you can paddle fast and want to get back at those greedy longboarders. You decide to get into it to take over and be the dominent surfer at any spot at any time. Do the entire surfing world a favor and don't get into it. You are the biggest KOOK!!!!!!

10. You see how cool SUP surfing is because you can do something that is a challenge, get great exercise, paddle far up the coast at will, have a blast riding waves you never thought would be fun, discover new spots, like to enjoy the comraderie of the SUP surfers around the world. KOOL!!

If there are more than one of you SUP surfing, everything becomes doubled, tripled, quadrupled, etc.
Avoid heavy rotations with other SUP surfers when surfing with others.
Be aware of your actions and the actions of others. BE KOOL!

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's our 3rd Anniversary!!!

Wet Feet is happy to announce that on December 12, 2009 from 4pm to 7pm, we will be celebrating our 3rd year anniversary!  To help us commemorate the event, Gerry Lopez will be joining us for a book signing of his recent release, "Surf is where you find it."  We would also be honored if you would join us to help celebrate.  Come meet and talk story with Gerry Lopez, network with other Standup Paddlers in our community and enjoy the complimentary pupus and refreshments!

We also would like to thank all of you for your continued support over the past few years.  We couldn't do it without you!

Hope to see you on Saturday!!!

The Wet Feet Crew

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Coast Guard Fallen Guardians Race

The Coast Guard Fallen Guardians Race from Hawaii Kai to Ala Moana was fun! All kinds of craft, 6 man, one man, two man, surfski and of course SUP. In the SUP there were some pretty fast times with Rob Stehlik first, Jeff Chang second and Darin Kohara third. In the women's race Nicole Madosik was first, Barbara Bumatay second and Sharon Stehlik third. Complete results are here:

The race was organized to show support and gratitude to the men and women of the United States Coast Guard. People who train every day to be ready to answer the call when some one is in trouble at sea. Last year, on September 4th, Coast Guard helicopter 6505 crashed in the Pacific Ocean during a training exercise, all hands were lost. Each of the crew left behind a family. The Coast Guard Foundation has the Fallen Heroes Scholarship fund that is exclusively for the children of men and women of the US Coast Guard who have died in the line of duty. The proceeds of this race will go to the Fallen Heroes Scholarship Fund. For more information about the Coast Guard Foundation please visit their website at:

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Standup Project is Online!

Talented producer, and our good friend Chris Aguilar of Soul Surf Media has launched a new online video journal called The Standup Project. Featuring videos ranging from profiles to event coverage, his website is a new way to learn about what is going on in the standup community.

Visit to see what Soul Surf Media has come up with. Videos are free until January, so visit the site to check them out!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009 Battle of the Paddle was a Battle!

In the Elite/Pro race the winners were Jamie Mitchell and Shakira Westdor, 2nd Place went to 14 year old Slater Trout and Candice Appleby, and 3rd Place went to Brandi Baksic and Danny Ching. It was carnage going in and out of the head high surf 3 times on each of the 5 laps with places changing every lap. So exciting to watch!

In the 10 mile distance race Danny Ching was first followed by Rober Rojas and Thomas Gallagher. For the women Brandi Baksic was first followed by Candice Appleby and Jenny Kalmbach. Complete race results are here:

Race Photos here:

Video here:

By Soul Surf Media on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Races and Roadtrips

The end of September and the beginning of October are a busy time for the Standup racing community. The end of racing season starts next Saturday the 26th with the Hennessey International race up in San Fransisco.

The race starts from Aquatic Park, goes around Angel and Alcatraz Islands, and back for the prone paddlers, and features a shorter, 6 mile race for the Standups. For more information and entry forms for this race, visit the Hennessey Paddleboarding site at

I am planning on road tripping it up to San Fransisco from Southern California with a friend of mine, and in preparation for the trip, I picked up some Docks Locks from the shop here to keep our boards safe on the journey...I have been looking for an inexpensive way to secure my board to the car for awhile now, and the Docks Locks seem to be the way...

The following weekend is the highly anticipated Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle...This event will include an age group race, an elite race, a distance race, and a SUP relay, all spread out over the weekend of October 3 and 4. Wet Feet will be represented in all the disciplines as well as will have a tent at the SUP expo that accompanies the races.

For more information and entry forms for the Battle of the Paddle, visit the Rainbow Sandals website at