Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Standup Project

If you have followed our blog for any length of time, you have seen the videos that have been posted and you keep hearing about this guy Chris Aguilar who is a friend of mine. Anyway, Chris has been working on an online video journal with all things Standup. The site is and will be launching in October of this year.

Below is a video that highlights some of the content that will be showcased on his site...

Beach Shorts Trailer- The Stand Up Project from Soul Surf Media on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses on Sale!

Costa del Mar sunglasses are on sale! All glasses are 30% off.

All Costa del Mar lenses deliver amazing color, contrast and clarity and are backed for life. If something happens to your sunglasses, Costa del Mar will fix them, and if it it is their fault, they will fix them for free!

For more info on these sunglasses, please see the Costa del Mar website at

Demo Board Sale!!!

We have a demo board sale going on right now for those of you who are looking to purchase a used board. The boards all come with rail guards as well as the items listed next to the photo...In addition to the boards pictured, we also have a 9'0 Surftech Blacktip on sale for $795, and a C4 Vortice Downwind Board on sale for $1295.

11'3 Aquaglide on sale for $795

11'0 Surftech Takayama on sale for $995

10'4 Angulo on sale for $895

10'3 Paddle Surf Hawaii on sale for $895

10'0 Surftech Infinity on sale for $995

9'9 C4 on sale for $995

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pre-Race and Race Day Photos

I just recieved photos from Sanja Du Plessis, who was nice enough to come along on my escort boat from Molokai to Oahu. Here are some of the images that she came away with from the day of the race...

Kevin Seid from Everpaddle and I preparing an offering to the ocean for a safe crossing

Pre-race stretching session

Jeff Chang and his escort boat near the start of the race

Morgan catching a small bump near the start

Team Wet Feet

The Channel gets a bit rougher as you approach Oahu

Jeff battling the wind into the finish line

Almost There...

Yay Jeff!

Morgan almost done...

It's over!!!

My other training partner Nicole and her Partner Ron finish the race!

The trusty Wet Feet Support Crew...Cory, Drew, and of course, THE one and only Chris Chang on the front

Nicole called race day the best day of her life. Ha ha, she is like a crazy person...But she had a big smile when it was all over

On a personal note for me, I wanted to say a special thanks to Go Kandoo Oahu ( for providing me with what was probably the nicest escort boat in the whole race. Kyle Kim and his crew over there were so awesome and their help was very much appreciated.
I would also like to thank Joe Bark and his crew in LA ( for helping us out with our boards for the race. Not only were they the best looking boards out there, but they were fast as well.