Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We made it!!

Without becoming too emotional about this whole thing, I want to take a minute and write about Jeff Chang who, this past Sunday crossed the Molokai channel for the second time in the SUP solo division. Jeff and I managed to shave 2 hours off our times from last year and finish the 32 miles in just under 7 hours. Throughout this season, Jeff arranged training runs, put up with my mental problems, helped me get my board around, and just made it possible for me to get across the channel for a second time. Jeff is such a humble guy that I know he won't talk about what he did, but I think that he is awesome, and I attribute any success that I have had in the channel to him.

During the race, we both took a northerly line in hopes of avoiding the brutal head winds that were waiting around portlock point. Although we had become separated for much of the race, in the final hours, our lines met up and I was able to follow Jeff in to the finish line.

Special thanks are in order as well to Jeff's son Chris Chang for letting me be his friend. I get to tell people that I know Chris Chang, and consequently people think that I am cool by association, so his friendship is very much appreciated.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Molokai...Day 1

True to form, we showed up at the airport and found the tiniest plane EVER waiting for us.  Our boarding passes looked like Costco reciepts, and I thought that Kevin Seid from Everpaddle was going to have a heart attack as he wedged himself into the plane.  Despite the somewhat um, interesting take-off, the flight was pretty smooth, and the view was awesome.

Now, we are just waiting for Jeff Chang to arrive and then all of team Wet Feet/Everpaddle will be here.  Check back with us for updates on Jeff, Morgan and Kevin...Most people don't travel with a film crew, but we do, so there should be lots of footage coming soon.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Getting Down to the Wire...

So, we are 10 days out from the Rainbow Sandals Molokai to Oahu paddleboard race, and it seems like everyone who comes into the shop has racing on the brain.   After months of training, the race is finally almost here, and this year should be a fun one to watch.  If the Battle of the Paddle was any indication of how Rainbow Sandals runs all their races, Molokai should be an awesome event to participate in.  In addition, the prize money has brought in some huge names in the Standup World, and the race on the men's solo standup side will be a really solid field.

For us, the training is finally tapering down, and the days of 20 mile training runs are behind us (for now, anyway). I know that all of us here at Wet Feet are excited to get to Molokai and see what this years race has to offer.  

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Bark Soft Goods In!

Wet Feet is now fully stocked with the 2009 Bark Clothing Line. Come in and check it out!

Molokai Training Days

The Wet Feet crew has been doing loooong training runs for the past few months ranging from 20 to 27 miles. Pictured are the core crew of Aaron, Rob, Morgan and Jeff. Herbie has been joining in as well as others on occasion. After awhile it becomes meditative and quite enjoyable as you study the subtleties of the ocean swells and get better and reading them for longer rides. On the various days we encountered all kinds of conditions from flat and windless to super rough (around Makapuu) which humbled us to our knees. We need to thank Aaron for being a sport and waiting for us!

Independence Day Race

It was a picture perfect day for the 4th of July Independence Day Race put on by Hui O He`e Nalu with Wet Feet being one of the sponsors. The race was a 4 mile sprint from Sunset Beach to Waimea Bay and is traditionally the biggest paddle event on Oahu every year. This year was no exception with 385 entrants of which over 200 were standups! Wet Feet made a good showing with 2nd place finishes in the mens and womens races by Jeff and Morgan on Bark Unlimited SUPs. Enjoy the photos.

Complete race results can be found here:


Morgan Takes 3rd Overall in the Catalina Rock to Rock Race

On June 21st teamrider Morgan Hoesterey took third place overall in the SUP class of the 22 mile race from Catalina Island to Palos Verdes California. She raced on a 14' Bark in rough and windy conditions uncharacteristic of that channel. Check the video and congrats Morgan!