Saturday, September 19, 2009

Races and Roadtrips

The end of September and the beginning of October are a busy time for the Standup racing community. The end of racing season starts next Saturday the 26th with the Hennessey International race up in San Fransisco.

The race starts from Aquatic Park, goes around Angel and Alcatraz Islands, and back for the prone paddlers, and features a shorter, 6 mile race for the Standups. For more information and entry forms for this race, visit the Hennessey Paddleboarding site at

I am planning on road tripping it up to San Fransisco from Southern California with a friend of mine, and in preparation for the trip, I picked up some Docks Locks from the shop here to keep our boards safe on the journey...I have been looking for an inexpensive way to secure my board to the car for awhile now, and the Docks Locks seem to be the way...

The following weekend is the highly anticipated Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle...This event will include an age group race, an elite race, a distance race, and a SUP relay, all spread out over the weekend of October 3 and 4. Wet Feet will be represented in all the disciplines as well as will have a tent at the SUP expo that accompanies the races.

For more information and entry forms for the Battle of the Paddle, visit the Rainbow Sandals website at

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