Thursday, October 16, 2008

Need to Send a Board Somewhere??

Every now and then we are faced with days where there are multiple boards to send out. Luckily, our store manager Clark is a board packing wizard. While preping and packing 4 boards in one day may be too much for the average individual, Clark does it with a certain amount of style. Boards numbers 1, 2, and 3 were no problem, but Board number 4 proved to be a challenge even for Clark.

There was blue tape and bubble wrap everywhere, and just when it seemed like the packing had gotten the best of Clark, he pulled through, with the flair of a true professional. With the minor tape crisis safely under control, he finished packing them up and sent them out. As we speak, there are 4 boards safely on their way to their new homes in Japan.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, come in and let us know if Clark can pack and ship a board anywhere you need it to go. We have deals with several major airlines and can ship anywhere in the world.

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