Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We made it!!

Without becoming too emotional about this whole thing, I want to take a minute and write about Jeff Chang who, this past Sunday crossed the Molokai channel for the second time in the SUP solo division. Jeff and I managed to shave 2 hours off our times from last year and finish the 32 miles in just under 7 hours. Throughout this season, Jeff arranged training runs, put up with my mental problems, helped me get my board around, and just made it possible for me to get across the channel for a second time. Jeff is such a humble guy that I know he won't talk about what he did, but I think that he is awesome, and I attribute any success that I have had in the channel to him.

During the race, we both took a northerly line in hopes of avoiding the brutal head winds that were waiting around portlock point. Although we had become separated for much of the race, in the final hours, our lines met up and I was able to follow Jeff in to the finish line.

Special thanks are in order as well to Jeff's son Chris Chang for letting me be his friend. I get to tell people that I know Chris Chang, and consequently people think that I am cool by association, so his friendship is very much appreciated.

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