Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Surf Paddles with Low Shaft Angles

Doug Lock has been experimenting with low shaft angles for surfing ever since he tried the Shaw and Tenney wood oar paddle. These blades of these paddles have a low forward bend, less than 5 degrees, verses the normal 10 degrees. He says this provides a quicker more positive power which is desirable for catching waves and manuvering in the lineup. Because there is less forward bend the stroke starts further back so the long paddle shaft doesn't bend as much which adds to the powerful feel. In addition when placing the paddle on the water while riding the wave it doesn't really matter which side goes down. Wet Feet has a couple of paddles that fit this bill. The Blue Soul surfing paddle with a unique blade shape 8.75 inches wide and the Everpaddle Bamboo model with a 8.375 inch wide blade. The Everpaddle looks very cool and "green" but the performance is top notch since the bamboo is over a carbon blade and shaft.

Other New Paddles

Doug likes small blades for distance paddling. He likes to stroke at a high cadence to keep the board momentum up. It works well for him and he is very fast. A new Quickblade 8 inch is his current favorite. Its small size is perfect for the tapping he likes to do and also works well as an all around paddle for women.

On another note Quickblade now offers an adjustable push pin shaft with size ranges from 68-72, 72-80 and 74-82.

C4 has a new race paddle called the XPR It has a "flex tip" carbon kevlar blade which provides "kick" and the weave gives it a distinct look so it is easily distinguished from the other C4 paddles. The blade has a lot of dihedral which in combination the the 8.5 inch width provides plenty of power but with control so you it doesn't pull you off balance during the stroke and there is less tendency to bang the rail. Evan from the stand up paddle blog www.StandUpPaddleSurf.net was able to stay with me at the Coast Guard race using the C4 XPR paddle in the "Battle of the Pake". Don't let this guy fool you with his humble posts.”.



Evan said...

Congratulations on your new blog...looking forward to more posts! Pretty funny on the battle of the pake comment. I was surprised you didn't blow past me although I was on a 15' and you had a 12'6".

Place Overall
Place Type Category Reg
Number Time Team / Name
1 168 SU Paddleboard men 194 1:58:32 Art Takabayashi
2 172 SU Paddleboard men 172 1:59:41 John DeMarco
3 176 SU Paddleboard men 174 2:01:29 Jeff Chang

Full SUP race results and info at http://www.standuppaddlesurf.net/2008/11/13/us-coast-guard-malama-ka-mea-hoopakele-race-results/

Pretty impressive you got #3 on a 12'6" although I shouldn't be surprised since you did the Molokai solo also.


Evan said...

I also shot a video with Todd from C4 Waterman to explain the C4 XPR in detail. http://www.standuppaddlesurf.net/2008/11/18/todd-bradley-unveils-the-new-c4-waterman-xpr-racing-sup-paddle/


Evan said...

Sorry, try this link to the XPR SUP Paddle video:

C4 XPR Video at standuppaddlesurf.net