Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Demo Board Sale

If you know anything about our demo fleet, you know that we have around 30 demo boards. The smallest board that we have at the moment is an 8'6 Infinity, and we have all the way up to the 14' Vortice and Ted Spencers. The cost of a half day rental (3.5 hours)is $30.00, and the cost of a full day (10am-5:30pm) is $50 for the surfboards and $75 per day for the race/downwind boards. No matter how many demo boards you try, all of your demo prices get applied toward a purchase price if you decide to buy a board.

Right now, in addition to the regular rentals, we are actually selling some of the more popular demo boards. We don't usually have used boards in the shop, so the demo sale is a good opportunity to get a used board.

The Demos that we are selling are...

C4 9'0 Bat Tail--$995
C4 10'0 --$995
Surftech Laird 10'0--$995
12'0 Infinity Tandem Board--$995

The list was longer yesterday, so if you are looking for a used board, stop by and check out what we have.


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