Monday, December 1, 2008

Race Class Standardization

This is an important topic for race organizers, board manufacturers and racers. There has been some consensus on the subject and what seems to make a lot of sense is the following for race classes:

Stock 12'-6" and under - This was the stock class at Battle of the Paddle and what the Pro Division was restricted to. Boards that qualify are:

12-6 Jimmy Lewis Distance
12-0 C4 Holoholo
12-1 Surftech Laird Surf
12-5 Infinity Custom Race
12-0 and 12-6 Joe Bark
12-6 Starboard Cruiser
12-6 Custom Joe Blair
12-0 Hobie Surf
12-1 Ron House Surf
12-6 Race boards from Battle of the Paddle including Dennis Pang, Hobie, Ron House, and Ohana

Stock up to 14' and no rudder - This is the standard size race board and includes:

14-0 C4 Vortice and Vortice XP
14-0 Ted Spencer/Wet Feet model
14-0 Joe Bark
14-0 Surftech Joe Bark Expedition
14-0 Custom Infinity
14-0 Custom Sandwich Isles Composite by Mark Raaphorst

Open/Unlimited Class - This class includes any length greater than
14-0 or with rudder. All the models below use an active steering rudder:

19-0 Joe Bark
F-16 and F-18 Sandwich Isles Composite by Mark Raaphorst
16-0 Ted Spencer/Wet Feet model
14-8 Starboard The Point

We'd like to hear your feedback on this and hope to have all the race organizers in agreement on standardized classes next summer. The Hawaii organizers that we have talked to think these categories are good and fit the board manufacturers models.

The main thing it to get more people racing! With standardized classes participation is encouraged because racers know they are competing only with those with similar equipment. An added bonus would be some sort of age brackets but that is not as important and will come with time and more participation. ~ Jeff

Photo courtesy of Battle of the Paddle


Evan said...

Those seem to be the most common classes I've seen, separated by board length. I hope this gets standardized because it will make it easier for the manufacturers to know what to produce and for racers to know what to buy.


Evan said...

I forgot to mention this earlier. A fun class would be the 'totally unlimited' class where anything goes. i.e. Double bladed paddles, small sails, dual hulls, etc. I bet we'd see some pretty interesting SUP inventions in that class.